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rega planar wobble phono cartridge on a $650 Rega Planar 3 turntable. This is a complete overhaul of the Rega RP1 which came before it. John , Nov 28, 2020 The new Planar 1 is the most user friendly Rega turntable to date. Jan 21, 2017 · Rega Planar 1, Planar 2, & Planar 3 Turntable Comparison - Duration: 4:52. Slovut, David P; Romero, Javier M; Hann The new Planar 1 is the most user friendly Rega turntable to date. However, once it lands in the record groove any unwanted movement fades. 21: Rega Planar 3, Speed Variations & Belt Age (9. Entry level or not, this is not OK. REGA Planar 3. With quiet music I can hear a slight scratching through the speakers when the "up" wobble comes around but it doesn't detract too heavily. I feel like i wasted my time and money. Wooden wobble balance board, standing desk balance. AБC*(WC) proton transfer between bases through the planar, highly stable and zwitterionic V. Audio Advice 79,562 views. Is this perhaps a loose belt warming I have a Rega The famous Rega puck wobble, rattle etc. 1 'tables are pretty well known as being, respectively, a great budget table akin to the MMF-2, and a serious contender to the Rega Planar 3 for title of mid-level analog saviour. In this case you would expect the platter to wobble around on its springs when you push it. Rega Planar 1 Turntable with RB110 Tonearm and Carbon Cartridge. PubMed. USA, March 2012, Reference subplatter Rega Planar 2. 2 turntable is a manual, full size, two speed, belt-drive model that is easy to set up and enjoy. So uneven thickness  21 Jan 2017 Most common used flex styles*/ /* Basic flexbox reverse styles */ /* Flexbox alignment */ /* Non-flexbox positioning helper styles */  Rega Planar 2 (2016) still a little wobbly? Post by dicejarjames » 10 Jan 2018 22: 56. Apr 29, 2020 · I decided to buy myself a Rega Planar 1 and consequently will be paying more attention to future RSD ‘drops’. This means a lightweight and sturdy turntable that is assembled and easy to use. Rega Planar 1: This incredible and beautiful performance pack incorporates the Rega Bias 2 moving magnet phono cartridge, the superior turntable mat, which is generally equipped with the more costly P3, P5, and P7 turntables, & an upgrade drive belt. Last year I finally bought LP12 and spent £200. In the simplest form, a turntable is a circular, rotating platform through which a vinyl record, or phonograph album, is played. The turntable reviewed here is the 6, the fourth to be issued under the Planar name, after the historically important 2 and 3, and the entry-level 1. I had to have it. Fancy a slipmat anyone? Just use an old thick and flat record as a mat (it has to be machined though). As Thorens dealers we have extensive knowledge on all their models. In order to maintain the combined thickness of the glass platter and felt mat, the underside of the platter is recessed to match Rega's distance from the top of the plinth to the top of the playing surface. bought a brand new vinyl. For Rega turntables, sub-platters are at the inner 1/3 segment contributing very much less to the moment of inertia as compared to the platter. MORE: How to build the perfect hi-fi system Correctly applied, the bushing eliminates pulley wobble as well as fretting corrosion on the shaft. Currently unavailable. The speakers will wobble as the floor flexes, and it's highly likely that the low frequencies aren't as firm as they could be due to the downward firing bass port resonating with the floor. Among 40 of such nucleosides, there are modified I decided to tweak the Rega glass platter to get the fly-wheel effect. The minimalist design of the Rega RP1 and the use of extremely high quality components ensure that this turntable will last for many years – just like every product that Rega manufactures. Jan 14, 2018 · High-quality, wobble-free bearing with aluminum platter means you can use a moving coil cartridge if desired. 1: Azimuth setting on Rega RB300 arm (11. For several years Rega has been developing state-of-the-art diamond profiles of a "Fine Line" design mounted through 90 degrees (the same technique used in the Aphelion reference model). Who knows the real, full story! If you do, please contribute to the story! REGA PLANAR 3 A vinyl icon evolves FIRST REVIEW! Yamaha Aventage Series 7 The first UHD movies reviewed UHD BLU-RAY ARRIVES! Samsung’s 4K player on test ARE S V PLUS! The reel-to-reel resurgence • Sennheiser’s HD 800 S Arcam’s AV stereo sensation and there is a vibration that makes the whole unit wobble. Feb 06, 2011 · Rega Planar 2 & 3 turntables Roy Gandy, Rega’s designer and main man, is a confirmed iconoclast. Apr 18, 2017 · Those unfamiliar with unipivot designs will find using the TP-82 is a little odd – the arm pivots on a single point so it is free to wobble as it is queued. Immerse yourself in precise music reproduction with the acrylic platter which provides increased inertia to achieve a consistent speed. 184. Minor marks on side of plinth, as shown in pics. 3:36. My new Planar 3 has a Denon DL-110 mounted to the arm and the DL-110 is 2 or so mm taller than the standard Rega choices. The Pro-ject 6. Today we will be reviewing Rega’s entry-level Planar 1 turntable. Motor thrust bearing suitable for Rega P1, P2, Planar 2, Planar 3, RP1. Design & Build Quality The Planar 3 arrives already outfitted with the following features: Double Bracing Technology: Starting with the Planar 3 all Rega tables employ this unique design to reduce resonances. Both the groovetracer subplatter and the technoweight were significant upgrades IMO. To remove a pulley, the mechanic tightens one or more removal, or “jackapart,” screws, which Turn Table: Rega Planar 2; Tone Arm & Cartridge: Rega & AT95; SUT / Phono Stage: Rega Fono; Digital Source 1: Lector Digidrive; DAC: Lector 2. The motor upgrade is a standard feature in the new Rega P3, which replaces the Planar 3. Sound-wise, the Rega Planar 1 was a such an huge step up from my old turntable that I went to several extra steps to be satisfied with it. Oct 07, 2018 · I'd really recommend buying a better, more precisely made subplatter for rega p3, since i was actually shocked to see how much of a platter wobble the imprecision with which the stock subplatter was made introduced. But my RP6 was It wasn't straight, causing a very annoying wobbling. These devices have been experiencing a resurgence in popularity. In the instructions that come with both models, he implores you to use the dustcover. Recently, I bought a Rega Planar 2  10 Feb 2017 I have a Rega Planar 1. I do use my Celestion C20 Concepts on dedicated stands. Get the best deals for rega planar 6 at eBay. Jan 21, 2010 · I had been running a Rega Planar 2 (pre-2000) w/Incognito wires and an Expressimo Heavyweight and stub. This is a huge upgrade, virtually eliminating vibration, wobble and speed instabilities and delivering enormous improvements in focus, dynamics, extension and tone. No matter The Rega Planar 2 (Originally published in Stereophile, December 12th, 1996) The last thing I did before sitting down to write this column was run an $1895 Lyra Clavis D. I have owned the P1, Planar 2 and P5. It is designed to fit most Rega, NAD, turntables. Third era: 2019 - , the glorious rebirth And so to now and this version, which brings the album to life in a way that takes me right back to the crisp, chill winter of 86. It had the old R200 s-shaped arm, which Rega replaced with the RB300 in the early 80s, and for years I've wondered if it's really any better - I've always been sceptical Rotel RP-900 Turntable Platter versus Rega Planar 2 . This is a genuine one owner item, it has been well maintained and used generally used very carefully. Mar 01, 2019 · The reason is because it's flimsy, there are issues with hum and wobble that Rega themselves acknowledge as being normal. 00 Jan 03, 2017 · The Rega Planar 1 with Performance Pack would also be a good consideration. They are often used […] Jul 01, 2019 · It got me to thinking about Hi Fi racks in general. It's slowing down slightly and I'm getting 32. After talking with them at length, we really came to realize just how special the Orbit Special is. It works together with the main platter as a single entity when it spins. Second System Topping E30, NVA P20, NVA A20, Youth meets Jah Wobble, Acid Punk Dub Apocalypse Sun Ra, Egypt 71 One area in which it takes is that the speaker loses a little of the forward/back stability of the angled stand. No flare: Leica M3, Summicron 50 w/ UV filter, Portra 400. It appears that others have had a similar issue with such a set up and have found solutions. Ariston Q deck. The problem is that you have to buy a quart of the stuff, and think you probably only require 2-3 drops. But in the end I had to return it because it simply cannot hold a steady pitch. ASTOR SUBPLATTER. This feature-packed turntable bears more than a passing resemblance to the Technics SL-1200, the final iteration of which was the MK6. May 24, 2016 · In 1976, three years after Rega’s creation, the Planar 2 launched as one of brand’s very first turntables. 00 Choose Options NAD C 568 Audiophile Compact Disc Player *Buyers Club $799. 5 mm hub) subplatter and a MDF fiber, resin, glass, acrylic or Delrin (r) platter. Planar 2, 3, 25 and Rega P1, P2, P3, P25, P3-24, RP1, RP3, *RP6, RP40 and Rega P5. Audiophile plug&play turntable Trend: Cheap turntables Listening to analogue records has grown in popularity enormously over the last couple of years. Rega bought in the arm for the planet, it had a simplified version of the Acos Lustre GST-1 on it. See full list on whathifi. Certainly, they all have something to offer, but The Jelco is just such a complete package for the online asking price of around AUD$700. looking at some upgrades fairly soon including the sub-platter, dampening and a re-cable by my friend Frank who owns Toxic Cables. What the Linn excelled in and surpassed the Rega by a mile was in the rhythm segment - it just seemed to deliver a more infectious and accurate beat - the I did also run the Rega Planar 3 I use in my office on the Segue ISO—it is precisely the kind of "light but rigid" support Rega folk prefer —but it was also better still with rigid coupling (stacked spacers) than the lossy rubber stock feet. This can’t be good. Hi guys, I'd love your thoughts on this. an S-shaped tonearm prone to wobble, and feet as clunky as manhole covers, the SL Rega's turntables often remain unchanged for years, models becoming from the RP1 (if you bypass the Planar 1), the redesigned Planar 2 is packed  brand, the Planar 2 offers easy set-up, good looks and a taste of serious hi-fi Unlike the original Rega Planar 2, this vague or wobbly due to pitch issues. The belt had been left in place for about 2 years and had acquired a kink and consequently a wobble - no way could it turn the table. When tested out you will see hardly any wobble when spinning, this not only prevents skipping but also helps with the overall endurance. Tight tolerance bearings in the arm platter is ruler flat, not one iota of a wobble and is of some substance Extra quiet platter bearing and no squeal etc when you start it up (yes, Nov 30, 2020 · Astronomers Develop Model for the Distribution of Inner Planetary Systems Statistical model may help unravel the mystery of apparently single-planet systems and aid exoplanet-seeking missions Then onto my Rega Planar 3 turntable, Mission Cyrus one amplifier, Marrantz CD52se and Castle Tay speakers. Featuring the brand new RB220 tonearm which is packed with groundbreaking new features. I have recently installed a new belt, relubed bearing and the motor spindle, but no improvement so far. Tight tolerance bearings in the arm platter is ruler flat, not one iota of a wobble and is of some substance Extra quiet platter bearing and no squeal etc when you start it up (yes, Jul 22, 2017 · Long time Rega user here. The Rega Planar 3, at $945 without cartridge has only gone up about 2. The new Planar 1 is the most user friendly Rega turntable to date. 95 ("street" price $250) AT-LP120-USB turntable. Found 200 records in Search of Vinyl Asylum. Second System Topping E30, NVA P20, Jah Wobble etc. I honestly can’t fault the sound quality of this turntable. I had the carbon on for a month which sounded actually very good for a budget cartridge. C. No problems, functionally and sonically. I will eventually replace the Elys 2 and was wondering if you had any suggestions. Isokinetic mini gymalternative to weights, safe in use, with resistance to match your output,every rep can be a maximum rep, less training time. And, as far as I know (and observed so far), most platters wobble a little  my rega rp1 had quite a bit of wobble in it when i first started using it. While listening to the Planar 25, I did indeed experience the signature foot-tapping Rega sound. Here we find the great Orbit-U-Turn Plus and the (even greater) Rega Planar 1 Plus. Selling as we are moving - record player Posts: 4374 Joined: Tue Aug 09, 2016 9:29 am Location: Cardiff Has thanked: 250 times Been thanked: 158 times Though it has to be said, when my Rega Planar is working, it's the vinyl I reach for, wobbly second side and all. Remember when you brought those old jagged boards back to life. The caveat is that it must be set-up right and that it's difficult to set-up. A. With the Shiraz leading the way, the Champion sounded quite different from both the Roksan Xerxes and Rega Planar 25. set it up according to the instructions. I made the mistake of going with Rega because of their reputation, but entry level tables in the same price range from a variety of other manufacturers don't exhibit these basic issues. W and 6 in. They are well described in the instruction booklet. 9, on the other hand, not only beats the Planar 3 hands down, but can often be found for the same money, which I did in fact. P3 Motor Upgrade . After nearly a year of great sales and impeccable customer feedback, we decided to sit down with Ben Carter and Bob Hertig to learn more about what makes this such a great table for the money. Jul 22, 2017 · Long time Rega user here. per minute feed rate. Also Nad 533, Goldring, and Moth Alamo, 2016 Planar 1,2,3 and 6. Plus, you can try 4 versus 3 footers in different locations… Rega Planar 10 with Aphelion 2 MC cartridge: £6,219. Benchtop Thickness Planer with Granite Table repurposes rough and worn wood to give it an exceptionally smooth finish. The speed is 2 Channel: Parasound P6, Parasound A23+, Rega Planar 6 with Ortofon 2M Bronze, Klispch La Scala II. Rega Planar One - Sub-platter wobble - Duration: 0:18. Rega's new RP1 turntable was designed and engineered to achieve outstanding performance way beyond the expectations of a product at this price point. This rhythmic looseness was distinctly at odds with the taut, controlled nature of the Champion. The current version of the Rega Planar 2 was launched in 2016 and sits between the affordable Rega Planar 1 and the audiophile approved Rega Planar 3. However, unlike I 1 , the wobble pairs are not self‐isosteric and, thus, the wobble pairs U/G and C/A(+) comprise a third isosteric subset, which, however, is related to I 2 and is therefore designated i 2 . I listened to Random Access Memories from this turntable through Rega's Brio amp and some speakers of at least 4 digit value each. purchased the Rega Rp1. Now, if you simply want an upgrade, rather than need one, that is perfectly valid. Works fine. So then, I auditioned a Rega Planar 3. Comes with RB300 tonearm and Rega cartridge. The WEN 12. Shop through turntables in the marketplace on Audiogon, the High-end Audio Community. What you might be seeing is a manufacturing defect in the very slightly beveled edge of the platter. Its S-shaped tonearm was then replaced in 1984 with Rega’s RB250, and at the turn of the century a brand new version of the deck – fittingly named the P2 2000 – took its place in Rega’s catalogue until 2005. Level the rack's top shelf and adjust the spikes so there is no wobble or "chatter". The sub-platter is a very critical component in turntable. ca: Electronics. I changed to the ely The Rega Planar 2 and 3 turntables are basically the same design executed to different price points. The P2 can hold its own against much more expensive turntables. 00 Michell Orbe SE The Orbe is the logical progression from the Gyrodek, it features many developments including a solid vinyl loaded platter, a screw down record clamp, external power supply (with tacho feedback and the latest Never Connected circuitry). e. Plane boards up to 12. 2. RB330 Tonearm: This handmade, one-piece tapered design is a huge step up from the RB101 found on the RP-1. Simply unpack and plug in. Hot-Rod Your Rega Table. The price loses the review a star. The Planar 1 is a multi-award winning record player that does not feature an earthing wire, unlike most turntable systems. Try not to miss the bearing well as it stinks and it's tricky to clean off the plinth. With the Apheta 3, Rega has pushed the envelope once again. Jul 13, 2014 · I assume your platter spins true with no "wobble" up and down? Have you measured the distance from the top of the plinth to the bottom of the glass platter at the outer rim at 4 equi-spaced points? (0 deg / 90deg / 180deg / 270 deg) What was the variation? I have measured my Planar 3's platter and all 4 points are within 0. I played the Rega P1 for the first time and was pleasantly surprised. Rega Planar 1 turntable (black): Amazon. A mat can definitely make a difference in sound. so is sub platter issue. The Pro-ject 1 and 6. When I did, the seller noticed that my TT took quite a while to g . So another £20+ up the shoot and now all's well and sounding great. With only 22 tRNA genes in mammalian mitochondria, exceptions from the universal code are necessary for proper translation. Place the Segue ISO on the shelf, and then the turntable and pod atop it, avoiding any interference from tonearm or power cables by taping them to the rack. I bought a Rega Planar 3 with Elys 2 and find this review spot on. What’s more surprising is that the new plinth is a different shape to the RP8 (and likewise the RP10), presumably the decision to live without a lid and the requisite support gave Rega Mar 06, 2019 · Call it “P8” or “Planar 8” but do not call this new Rega turntable “RP8”. It was a bit dead, so I replaced the output fuses and that seemed to be all May 25, 2016 · The motor’s spindle floats unencumbered from the base through a precision-drilled hole – it accepts the rubber belt, and with but a small wobble at startup, whirs quickly up to 33 (45 is maintained by lowering the belt to a larger notch on the spindle — the start toggle switch is on top of the motor). 00 on new motor, belt, springs, grommets, oil and professional set up, only to be disappointed . 00 Add To Cart NAD C 556 Turntable Bundle with PP-4 Phono Preamplifier $799. Rega told me to run the TT for 48 hours to break in the motor. It also ran about 1 percent fast Detection of common carotid artery stenosis using duplex ultrasonography: a validation study with computed tomographic angiography. Jul 28, 2014 · What makes a tripod a good travel companion? We test out five carbon fiber 'travel' tripods that while compact and light, are also comfortably tall and capable of supporting a reasonable amount of gear. It is probably a bit uneven. My Rega P3 took an enforced holiday while I moved house, when I came to play vinyl again I couldn't. I used to have them on a basic wooden table then graduated to a hi-fi rack then moved up the ladder to a complex isolation shelving system. PhxJohn There was a slight wobble, a Rega 24V Motor Upgrade Kit . thick with ease The Planar 1 is Rega's new entry-level turntable which replaces the British company's widely popular RP1 model, featuring numerous improvements over its predecessor. No dustcover. Feickert Analogue's top-of-the line turntable, the Firebird ($12,500), is a generously sized record player designed to easily accommodate two 12" tonearms. 186. These new players are trying to get a piece of the cake with plastic, fe Find a great deal on high-end audio equipment or music for sale. 24; Pre-Amp: Type 26 Valve - SJS; Power Amp/s: Km750, 845, MF A370, My Speakers: Custom built; Trade Status: I am not in the Hi-Fi trade Personally, I'd buy a used Planar w/ the option of being able to return it if it has the wobble or focus slack, or focus squeak. The Rega Planar 1 has been out and about for a little while and so Paul Rigby has been able to have a good long look at the thing before giving it a thorough review. Stream Acid Soul 11 by Leftside Wobble from desktop or your mobile device. The legendary British turntable manufacturer has, in recent years, also revamped the Planar 3 and Planar 2 to great success, and this The dreaded "wobble" of older Thorens' sub-chassis that was caused by the pull of the starting up motor is prevented in a simple and ingenious way by using a wire anchored to the base plate that is guided by foam to calm it and which is gently pre-tensioned to support the precise piston-shaped stroke of the sub-chassis thus preventing it from moving towards the motor. It's slowing down  26 Jan 2012 I recently purchased a Rega RP!. However, the Linn sounded neutral, lively, even more detailed and had a larger soundstage horizontally and vertically with greater depth. Aug 30, 2020 · I have had Rega mats but they made the records ever so slightly wobble. Citing dwindling sales and parts procurement issues, Panasonic/Matsushita absurdly Feb 12, 2018 · Today, Rega is riding the crest of the continuing vinyl revival and perhaps as a nod to the icon, Rega has revived the Planar name in its most recent turntable offerings. The planar 2 comes with the carbon cartridge and I decided to upgrade immediately to the Rega Elys 2. Audeze LCD-2 Planar Magnetic Headphones. It has to be held firmly, but with almost zero friction. That was the previous 8. If there's a major design objective for turntables, it's having a platter that moves at a constant speed without wobbling. In order to facilitate the analysis of the N-H vector deviations and to remove geometry imperfections Although the Platforms do not isolate side to side, the speakers will wobble if pushed when mounted on them. the Rega Planar, into the market place. Dec 04, 2020 · The Rega Planar P1 is easy to set up, and we like the sound, but it isn’t as easy to use as other models, with the speed-change belt located under the platter. Rega Planar 2 Turntable with RB220 tonearm, Glass-platter and Carbon Cartridge (Gloss Black) Despite multiple reviews of bad wobble I took a gamble expecting my May 26, 2016 · OK, so I've recently bought some Tannoy Mercury 7. 00 Add To Cart Dec 16, 2019 - Collection of my favourite things. Sony WalkmanHiFi History. the vinyl is not warped, its brand new. a center-spindle bubble level, and made sure that thing was dead center, not a ghost of a wobble. Use decent quality cables for Rega Planar 1 complete £249. The Rega Planar 25 Turntable. 188. Oppo 205 and 103 disc players I have read a lot recently about wireless speakers and whether they are worth having a decent turntable set-up as the sound still has to be compressed. It is cheap, crude, and has all the problems digital lovers whine about. Since it's using Many Rega models have suffered from platter wobble. He asks if potential buyers should bother buying one at all or hunt around for a second hand P1? One of the legends of the budget turntable genre, Rega’s introductory turntable design, the P1, was Hi guys i bought a Rega planar 2 last year brand new a reputable dealer in Melbourne. Setup is quite straightforward. It is a well-constructed whole and really can make a world of difference. The new Planar 2 was developed over the past two years alongside the recently released Planar 3. See full list on theaudiophileman. Rock-solid performance and outstanding speed stability from such an inexpensive design rocked the audiophile market to its core. A slight wobble in the subplatter will translate to a more noticeable wobble in the main platter. There are limited original spares available, but a healthy quantity of used parts turn up on Ebay, so most decks can be got going again. Most dealers have the performance pack to improve the RP1's performance. 5 rpm in average. The fact that I can't tweak a Planar 3 is actually a good thin. Try to trust the belt-drive + counterweight + single-play test here, and THEN poke around online to find out which company REALLY made the unit you’re considering. Oct 22, 2020 · Vinyl: Rega RP8 w/Rega Neo PSU, Technics SL-1500C, Moon by SimAudio NEO 310LP, Record Doctor VI, Hexmat Yellow Bird Cartridges & Tubes: Rega Ania Pro, Ortofon 2M Red, AT VM740ML, JAN Phillips, NOS RCA cleartops, NOS CBS-Hytron Digital: Falcon Northwest PC Server, T+A DAC 8 DSD, W4S Recovery, Roon & HQPlayer, Astell & Kern SE200 Nov 28, 2020 · I offered needledrops of my vintage Rega Planar 2 vs SL-1200, both with same cartridge, a Linn Klyde awhile back on the Steve Hoffman forum and the Rega won out. 5 times in that period and has made a major jump in performance and build quality. If they are tight back then off a turn and a half and bounce the spindle a few times with your finger and it should wobble about, that means that the motor is suspended properly. What the Sony lacks in terms of I love the aesthetic minimalist look of both project carbon debut and this Rega RP1. The only parts kept were the drive belt, sub-platter, and dust cover. There's no doubting their con- venience, but how much of a performance penalty does one pay for automated features? Supplied with the Ortofon OMB 10 cartridge, the $599 29 May 2018 rega planar 1 warped platter is not uncommon. if  De Rega Planar 2 platenspeler is een platenspeler die een uitzonderlijke maar op veel videos over de Planar 1 zag ik vrij veel "wobble" bij het afspelen van  Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Rega - Planar 1 (Black) at level, and made sure that thing was dead center, not a ghost of a wobble. Be aware, though, that some turntables have a suspension system for the platter. *RP6 and Planar 6 owners must also purchase one of these subplatters in order to use the acrylic platter on those turntable models. The speed stability is vastly improved with better flywheel effect. The small sub platter at 45rpm spins too quick for the top platter, i'm surprised yours didn't do it before. Rega Planar 1 Turntable, Monitor Audio Bronze 2 Speakers & Rega Fono Mini A2D Mk2 Pre Amp Edgware, London I bought a brand new Rega Planar 1 Turntable along with a new Rega Fono Mini A2D Mk2 Pre Amp in July 2020. Scalmani, N. Jun 27, 2020 · Rega – Planar 1 UK icon Rega has been pumping out some of the best turntables for a fair few years now. - I do not see pronounced wobble as some other reviewers Dec 08, 2020 · If you are a real vinyl music lover, then there is a full chance that you must understand the importance of extra accessories that can assist in boosting the sound. 47) Posted by nottstu on 2011-08-04, 04:20:20 (82. The RP1 is the first in a new generation of Rega turntables offering far greater performance than their predecessors. Many Rega models have suffered from platter wobble. It's speed and pitch These upgrades are more than cost effective,greatly enchance the overall performance of the venerable P3 to loftier heights and if your really into analog, these are a must have for the Rega Planar 3 or P3. i was told this COULD be a problem with the sub-platter. It will ride tone arm slightly tail down as a result and it did not make much an issue sound wise to my listening. This is a huge upgrade, virtually eliminating vibration, wobble and speed instabilities and delivering enormous Q: Will this work on the rega p-25 model? 13 Dec 2016 This time my friends son has bought a Rega planar 3. Well, from my limited experience with it, but the Rega Planar 6 should fill the bill. This tRNA decodes AUA and AUG in both the A Unlike virtually every other turntable in the world, the SOTA platter’s pivot point turns at its centre of gravity, thanks to the unique Inverted Bearing Design. They held the record to the […] You do not want any chance that the lower shaft of the turntable platter will wobble. Basically, the 4 Apr 2018 Is Rega Planar 3 with glass platter and RB300 arm having the same. The R200 was commissioned by Rega to go on the original Planar turntable, built by Acos, and is a derivative of the original equipment arm that was on the Rega's first deck, the Planet. No fussing with grounding or anti-skating. com The RT85 Reference Turntable features a pure analog performance and a beautifully warm, natural sound. Feb 10, 2020 · I've had a Rega Planar 3 since 1979, and after giving it a service (replace failed capacitor, new drive and motor support belts, bearing relube, new feet) it's running great. May 18, 2018 · The Planar 1 is the cheapest entry into the world of Rega. Mar 16, 2016 · REGA RP1 TURNTABLE Price: £229/£300 www. - Rega Carbon beats higher priced cartridges and is a definite upgrade to Ortofon low cost models such as OM 5e - This is ignored by many reviewer but the dust cover it comes with is built with quality Dec 04, 2015 · The SA-750D competes with others like the Rega RB-300 series of arms, the Project 9cc and Origin Live Onyx, but in many ways surpasses these products. Clever use of lightweight particulate core with a highly rigid phenolic resin skin became the foundations of the high level of performance achieved by the now iconic Planar turntable range. The J. The R200 is a derivative of that simplified Acos/Rega arm. I decided to stop into a local hifi audio store. Paul Rigby reviews two from Decent Audio I currently have two working turntables (with more stored away) but the room they are situated in has a suspended wooden floor. Features: Hand-tuned circuit board minimizes vibration; Rega designed 24VAC synchronous motor assembly; Rigid-mount design improves start-up speed Jul 02, 2013 · Codon use among the three domains of life is not confined to the universal genetic code. ASTOR is a metal subplatter with silicone isolator decoupling stages, specially designed to work at Rega P1, RP1, P2, P3-24, Planar 2 (original version & 2016 version), Planar 3 (original version & 2016 version) , Planar 5, Planar 25 and for any Rega model that work with a standard height (11. 103) It's time to look at upgrading my Moth Alamo, which as most of you probably know is very closely related to the Rega Planar 2, with RB250 arm. 204. 2 offers upgraded aesthetics giving it Mar 16, 2013 · I would not worry too much about it and if yours does have an excessive amount of wobble I would exchange it. 1. Oct 15, 2014 · Ron May 9, 2017 at 1:58 pm. Very good condition Rega Planar 3 turntable for sale. Dec 06, 2017 · The first pump assembly includes a piston having a first end, a second end, and a throughbore extending between the first end and the second end. With the Planar 8 Rega have abandoned this approach and built an entirely skeletal turntable, their first unless you count the rare as hen’s teeth Naiad. I played a British Polydor pressing of Roxy Music's song "Avalon," then played it again on the $9000 TNT Mk. Motor problems aren’t normally the motor, so give us a call. The Roksan Radius 5 Record Player. I am still peeved at the Sumiko Pro-Ject 6. placed it on the platter, i can see the tonearm moving up and down as its wobbling. The Rega RB250's substantial arm post is mounted via a hole in the plinth. The sweet-spot for a great turntable that will sound good and last for many years is probably between $300 and $500. There was even a slight difference between the Planar-1 and the RP-1, which I also demoed. Dusted off the boxes of 33’s and 45’s I have from my childhood and began to rediscover the music and the joy of vinyl. Thorens TD124, TD125 TD150 TD160 TD166. Of course, turntables are subject to all kinds of voodoo. . Used, Wooden Wobble Balance Board, Standing Desk B . Horns sound incredibly good. The Rega P 3 now competes and is on par with my VPI Scout and the overall cost is less. A fine specimen of simplicity and function, the Rega Planar-based Goldring GR1. The Rega Planar 3 was replaced in the mid-late 90’s with the Linn LP12 (Valhalla power supply). Mar 13, 2019 · The Rega – Planar features improved flywheel effect for speed stability enhancement, phenolic platter, thermoset, gloss laminated plinth that looks very attractive and new on/off switch position on the underside. Many platters made of other materials are not that flat and they can wobble a bit. The 2 retails in the US for $450 and features an unsuspended MDF plinth that sits on three of those cane-tip–like rubber feet. Clever use of lightweight particulate core with a highly rigid phenolic resin skin became the foundations of the high level of performance achieved by the now iconic original Planar range. Rega Planar One - sub-platter wobble issue by sam2253 in vinyl [–] DogsInTheMoonlight 1 point 2 points 3 points 2 years ago (0 children) Well, I'd probably contact Rega first- They might offer to replace the warped platter for you (if that is what is up with it). It sits tightly within the inner platter that filling up the hole in the plinth. I liked its sonic signature. Solid and easy to set up, it arrives in a couple of flavours: as a basic turntable or with the upgraded drive belt (improving speed stability and accuracy); Bias 2 cartridge (better bass and stereo image) and turntable mat (improved general sound). My question is this: I have a Rega Planar 1 turntable, a Rega Fono Mini preamp, Sonos Connect, with the sound coming through a Playbar, 2 Play 3s and a Sub. Glue it to the metal platter. rega. After a few minutes though, everything is fine. uk. Players such as the 2018 Award-winning Rega Planar 1 (£250), might offer a superior sound, but the manually-operated Rega lacks a built-in phono stage or Bluetooth. The powerful 15 Amp motor combined with our 2-blade cutting system provides over 17,000 cuts per minute at a 26 ft. Modified nucleosides present in the wobble position of the tRNA anticodons regulate protein translation through tuning the reading of mRNA codons. This was after watching some youtube videos comparing it with a Project Debut SB. I do indeed have a solid concrete floor and My Yamaha AS1100 Amp, NP-S303 Streamer and ancient Rega Planar 3 deck all sit on an old Nathan cupboard. If you are really serious about good sound, you can consider a Rega Planar 2. On top of all that, it has to be dead quiet as any noises will make their way up to the platter and into your phono cartridge. Sep 28, 2014 · newbie to vinyl and turntables. 3. And it might very well be the pick in Rega’s turntable range that gives the most bang for the buck. Nottingham Analogue Spacedeck (Audio Origami and Origin Live tonearms), Rega Planar 3 turntables. Classical Symphony given excellent sense of scale. Loading Unsubscribe from Sam Stacey? Rega Planar 1 Turntable Review - Duration: 3:36. Analogue Rega Planar 3, Denon DL-110, NVA Phono 1. First up, the startup wobble is normal, because the motor doesn't have a high torque. but I was getting tired of its noise floor and speed wobble (wow). 4 speakers to get back to vaguely proper HiFi in the house. It is an improved version of the award-winning GR1 featuring the same high-quality tonearm and Goldring Elektra cartridge, the GR1. I literally could not believe the difference. The RP3 takes this design philosophy to the next level. Let's look at the Rega Planar 2 or 3 suspended motor mounting: The motor is held by using rubber suspension band to the aluminium mounting plate which is screwed onto the plinth. As time goes by, the rubber suspension band loses its elasticity. Strangely careless IMO. Jun 17, 2020 · floor standing system: focal aria 948 with nad c388 & nad c568 & rega planar 3 | home cinema: yamaha aventage rx-a860 desktop audio: denon ahd-2000 - mark lawton & denon ahd-9200 with pizza stack / topping a50 & d50s hi-res dac & p50 regulated psu Jul 22, 2014 · Off the audiophile pedestal and into the “real world” we go, with a review of Audio Technica’s easy to set up $299. A rotary stage, or rotation stage is a mechanism used to rotate a sample or specimen with high angular accuracy. Rega Planar 1 Plus Plattenspieler in Weiss mit eingbauter Phono-Vorstufe / The table itself wobbles noticeably when spinning, but not enough to cause any  Rega Planar 2 Marantz PM6006 turntable system. no more wobble from the rega platter on my rp1. Product Strengths: Dynamics, body, and impact like live music has. Place the motor behind the turntable sufficiently back to produce adequate belt tension and if you have a strobe disc, use it to help you locate the best motor placement. Mar 21, 2014 · The Rega Planar 2 has a reputation as a very good turntable and is a very cool piece of classic English stereo equipment. This in turn causes the error correction circuitry to have to operate, sometimes to excess. Jan 21, 2018 · Rega Planar One - Sub-platter wobble Sam Stacey. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our  I used to own a Rega RP6, so am familiar with Rega sound, and like it. It works well and still sounds very good even given the age of the cartridge and stress experienced by the stylus. Designed for Planar 1, Planar 2, Planar 3 and Planar 6 and many older Rega models Simple screw fit adaptors are available to fit the older, RP8 and RP10 turntables Available in two colours: black and white Since buying my Planar 3 Ive been very impressed with it. One of the major ones is the best record clamp that can be very useful for such a purpose. 99 CDN$ 599. It seems like the record/tonearm is going up and down a little. All aspects of the Planar 1 have been meticulously designed to improve the overall performance of the device. Two weeks ago my local dealer, The Gifted Listener , installed the motor upgrade for $155 parts plus $45 labor. Rega sent me a new subplatter and platter. Your dealer should replace the sub platter. Rega's new Planar 1 is the most user friendly Rega turntable to date. it is now down to hardly anything. Many owners spin the platter by hand to give it some help before flipping the switch, and I never stop mine during a playing session - I just swap records while it's spinning. Rega has pioneered the use of lightweight rigid plinths. Jan 13, 2015 · Both Rega turntables i've owned, a Planar 2 and P25 have done this as has every Rega i've heard at someone elses place. Find great local deals on new & second-hand vinyl record players/turntables for sale in Northern Ireland Shop hassle-free with Gumtree, your local buying & selling community. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! The Rega Planar 8 can be ordered with the new Apheta 3 moving coil phono cartridge. If the mat is of good quality the wobble should not be more pronounced than the platter. Cossi, G. Mar 02, 2020 · Two Channel: Rega Planar 2 / Nakamichi MB-8 / Burson Bang / NAD 3020e / KEF LS50 Cans: Grado GH-1 / Turbulent X Custom Grado / Sennheiser HD600 / Sennheiser HD650 / Meze 99 Classics / Audeze Mobius / Audeze Sine DX / Audio Technica ATH-WP900 Rega Planar 3 vs Planar 6 Turntable Comparison. Lovely. Part of this was to resuscitate an amp - I had a few options, but the one that seems best is the old A&R A60. Rega can be a bit quirky and quality control in manufacturing is not in the Linn or B&W class but the products are very durable. In addition, the first pump assembly includes a first wobble plate including a planar end face axially adjacent the second end of the piston and a slot extending axially through the first wobble plate. Rega RP1 / RP3 / P1, P2, P3, RP 78, RP 40 Upgrade PlatterBlack. The Rega Planar 2 can be categorized as Rega’s top ‘entry-level’ turntable. Due to its great quality build and sound, as well as it’s sub $500 price, the Planar 1 has quickly become one of the most popular entry-level turntables in the world. In order to maintain the combined thickness of the glass platter and felt mat, the underside of the platter is recessed to match Rega's distance from the top of Rega Planar 1 Turntable Gloss Black › Questions & Answers The new Planar 1 is the most user friendly Rega turntable to date. Mainstream thinking on dustcovers these days is that they act like giant resonating chambers that cloud the sound. And NAD's synchronous clock motor regulates playback speeds to ensure that drum kits and bass instruments register with lifelike impact. It is a sub platter warp causing the problem. Here is a link to Rega's information of the Performance Pack. Make sure speakers are solidly supported and don't wobble about. A wobbly platter is a sign that the bearing or other internal mechanisms might be on their way out. $475. as the motor will wobble when switched on and gradually stabilise or mounted onto a  11 Dec 2015 They took the wobbly old 'pipe and slippers' belt drive decks the Brits were known for and created something different and new, almost a hybrid of  27 Dec 2017 Rega Planar 3 R200 Tonearm Ortofon MC100 proud from the plastic drive pulley and refused impactive therapy to sit down without wobbling! 21 Oct 2017 Sounding absolutely bloody fantastic, the slight platter wobble I was having is also gone, I think there was a bit of dirt/fluff in the bearing sleeve,  22 Sep 2009 The cis-5R,6S Tg lesion is in the wobble orientation such that Tg6O2 is n, C4N 4H2→G21 N1H; o, A23 H2→T2 N3H; p, A17N6H2→T8 N3H;  15 Oct 2014 Since the introduction of the iconic Planar 3, Rega have been a key innovator The arm itself feels very solid, too – there's no wobble from the  I picked up a Rotel RP-900 (Planar 2 clone form late 90's) without the arm Problem I have is a very slight wobble (up/down) of the subplatter. Simply slide the balance weight onto the rear of the tonearm as far as it will go, remove the stylus guard and start spinning your favourite vinyl. Jan 11, 2019 · Then finally in my search for more refinement, I thought I’ll give the Rega Planar 1 a try. Despite the fact that the glass platter rings (and this manifests as harder and 'splashier' high notes), the material actually has some advantages - it is quite heavy and is very flat. My dealer gave me a Platter Matter mat. And how this proves to be the Option Description-TAS: Integration - Test as system Testing, integration, and documentation of a group of components as a complete system that will be used together (ex: drive, controller, and stage). Each speaker comes with 30+ feet of copper wire connection - this is additional £120 value. 5mm of the plinth. The Rega sounded fast, neutral, detailed and lively. There’s substantial background buzz throughout playback, and there’s wobble and pitch instability too. 3/Immedia RPM combo using a $3800 Transfiguration Temper Apr 19, 2017 · I plugged the Rega Planar 2 in, sent the ouput through a small amp and plugged the audio into one of my Sonos speakers. sometimes too much mid treble "bite", strangely the extreme treble is smooth and slightly laid back or closed in. The rough and muddy sound quality of this popular low-cost turntable is the least of its issues. Ny Planar 6 er lige om hjørnet og jeg er spændt på hvad de vil gøre på RP8/10 fronten. A new 24v, low noise motor, acrylic laminated plinth, newly designed central bearing and so much more. Watson-Crick and G:U wobble base pairs relative to the much less frequently represented U:U and A:U reverse Hoogstein types, only limited subsets of ~200 geometries for Watson-Crick base pairs and ~80 for G-U wobbles were DFT-optimized. Motorized rotary stages make use of a motion controller and stepper motors or closed-loop motors with position feedback and computer control. Barone, B. If you do that you will definitely have an awesome turntable for life. 40) Posted by Winefood on 2005-11-09, 12:42:15 (209. isokinetic mini gymitem is new imported from the usaplease see website for full details and videopowerspeed-training. This is the deck mentioned above by Gearbox and a great little turntable it is too. The older Rega Planar 3 . And by combining it with the table at time of purchase, you save $100. Hisense 7100 65" 4k TV, Pioneer SC-LX82, Pioneer BDP LX71, Apple TV 4K, Monitor Audio BX2, Gale centre, Speakercraft Sub. I think it is more visual than audible. These platters will have noticeable runout and/or wobble resulting in improper balance. Click through to read the roundup. 73) Posted by sommera on 2003-01-26, 08:08:15 (24. I considered long and hard getting a Groove Tracer Reference sub platter to address the issues with the Rega, when I was pointed to the A'gon listing for this WTRP. The sheer weight of C 556's platter requires a special bronze and stainless-steel low-friction bearing design that eliminates the wobble you experience with other ‘tables in its class. What usually causes platter wobble in the entry level Rega's (and Pro-Jects, and many other tables) is an issue with the subplatter. My rega rp1 has a bit of a wobble and I think I may have finally found a solution! Sep 23, 2020 · Yamaha CD-S2000, Rega Planar 2 modded, Tisbury Audio Domino phono stage, Airport Express, Khozmo Passive Preamp, AstinTrew AT5000, Dynaudio Audience 42, Wharfedale Sub. The thing with Pro-ject Debut Carbon was the vibration from the motor that made a miserable 400 Hz note - which I believe just quality control issue from the factory since many positive reviews for Debut Carbon says no hum. On another note, I have seen Rega push their wall mount shelf for their high end tables, and this could be a factor in how their design evolved. He does more than that, though. Though I would not buy a Rega without the Performance Pack which included, among other things, a significant cartridge upgrade. ), so I went through various other permutations of Michell Synchro, various Thorens, Rega Planar ( even a secondhand Roksan Xerxes which succumbed to the droop! )etc. So who else here is a happy Rega owner? Oct 03, 2011 · The most noticeable thing is that the platter doesn't spin totally level, there's a slight wobble to it. Jun 14, 2017 · My Rega P3 took an enforced holiday while I moved house, when I came to play vinyl again I couldn't. Sam Stacey 302 views. I just received the platter today and I MUST say that it looks and sounds outstanding! Before I did the swapping I first took a careful listen to one of my "difficult" records - a solo record with Frida from Abba - that is recorded digitally, and then transferred to the vinyl LP. 115) Hi, I just got the HI Fi news test record and discovered my azimuth is tipped towords the right channel. Check the tonearm. Michell Counter Weight was $125. 3. And it’s even worse on digital recordings – which are far too quiet with even more background noise. co. 3 out of 5 stars 33 CDN$ 599. com The platter wobbled about 2mm and there is a beating noise from the motor. Mennucci, M. For those wanting a fully automatic deck with built-in phono stage, it’s one of the best we’ve heard. Rega Planar 1 is the entry-level model, but built on the same template as the more expensive editions. I preferred the Rega as well. Use The chatter or wobble of the disc causes the laser to lack focal clarity, this results in distortion or misread information. Legendary rumour has it that this was the end result of the then head of the Australian importer of Luxman products, Alex Encel of International Dynamics, pushing Luxman to answer the challenge of Rega products, i. > pretty good Rega, Music Hall or even a new Pro*Ject > 'table for less than $300. Jeg syntes min Planar 1 spiller bedre end en gammel Planar 3. It had low end grunt, dynamism and a good amount of attack and excitement. If a manufacturer sold me a turntable with a sagging platter and did not stand behind it, it would be the last turntable of that brand that I ever bought. Mar 10, 2016 · Dr. It's an old 20-30 years old Rega Planar 2 with a belt motor suspension. I'm not going to go into how each of the set-up parameters get adjusted. Read Here “The PS-LX310BT is more than just an excellent ‘my first turntable’ option. Now with preset bias force on the brand new RB110 tonearm, the Planar 1 is set up in seconds after unpacking. Needless to say, it rocks. So far Ive added the RB300 and some bigger feet, everything else is still stock for now but Im . Just plug and play. The wobble is not too bothersome. Not too bad just barely noticeable. It is slightly less wobbly. Was wondering what is normal or  5 Mar 2011 Hello, I've owned my Rega Planar 1 (P1) for about one year now and as far as I know, this issue has been present since I got it. Nov 18, 2020 · The Rega – Planar 1 Turntable is user-friendly with a new tonearm having a zero play bearing and supremely low friction performance. 5 in. 249) Recently I upgraded the cartridge on my Rega Planar 3 (around eight years old) from a Sumiko Blue Point Special to a Dynavector 20X-L. This trend has enticed a lot of manufacturers from far and wide to enter the turntable game. I have an original Rega Planar 2 turntable. Some find the plastic subplatter has a little wobble. The motor not only wobbles more, it also tends to slant towards one side. I think she is a unique, complex and often troubled soul Selling my Rega Planar 3 (Elys 2 cartridge) Rega Brio amp (with wireless remote), and Dynaudio EMIT M20 speakers. Feb 01, 2016 · No mud, no wobble. Midrange is open across the board. You can put your hand on top the the speaker and feel a more weeble-wobble, but it won't fall down. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Rega - RP1 Turntable (Cool Gray) at Amazon. Distance from the platter slightly affects speed. Rega Planar 3 complete £649   3 Jan 2012 But for Rega Planar 2 or 3 turntables, you may encounter additional would still wobble causing speed variations, hence pitch instability. Despite the obvious superficial Rega similarities the new Planar 8 differs greatly from its predecessor. Audio Advice 153,897 views. A particularly interesting deviation is the decoding of the isoleucine AUA codon as methionine by the one mitochondrial-encoded tRNAMet. I grade the Sol a D+ (needs improvement) grade in terms of ease-of-use. In Rega's case, the plastic subplatter doesn't have as tight of production tolerances as the higher up models. The only way to fix this was to buy the original glass platter used in most Regas, and that sent the price far above $500 and closer to the cost of the P2. Excellent build quality, reliability and ease of use combine to make a product, which will offer a lifetime of musical enjoyment. Sep 10, 2019 · Superior to the likes of Rega Planar 7, VPI Aries Scout, 2, 1, Project Xperience. The lows I would attack with the BOSS for the wobble effect Looking to isolate your turntable from vibration and noise? Try a wall shelf. 74. It has a very slight platter wobble. Jan 20, 2020 · Eventually I got sick and tired of fiddling with the silly wobbly suspension on the Ariston as well as the limitations on cartridge choice enforced by the arms and replaced it with a Rega Planar 2 which tracked great with both the Grado and the AT as well as some lower compliance moving coils. com. I picked up the Bowie 74 live set on both CD and Vinyl and also the Pale Saints, New Order (completist), the Loop Boxset and the Cure‘s 17 Seconds and was tempted by the Wake, LKJ and Vini Reilly but over £150 for five records 212, and, even after graduating to a manual Rega Planar 2, installed an aftermarket auto-lift device so I wouldn't have to jump up at the end of a record. I have a recurring problem with my Rega Planar 2. When Rega introduced their 24V motor with the P324 and the P5, the world was stunned. We take both function and appearance seriously so we take no shortcuts in producing our platters. Jan 06, 2015 · The most recent NAD TT was the 533, which was really a Rega Planar 2 -- a great turntable! - Realistic : they have sold umpteen rebadged turntables in the last 60 years. Rega,. This design ensures stability, balance and extreme consistency over time, as well as totally eliminating the forces that cause the wobble and wear that come with age on other turntables. Rubber mat also looks and feels expensive, several steps up from others I have experienced in turntables in this price range. Leica M5, Planar 50 w/ UV filter, Portra 400 rated at 200, directly into the sun. This review covers five models, examining their features, functions and ergonomics in use both in the studio and out in the field. Yeah, there is a reason why they're cheaper than Leica. 99. Jul 06, 2018 · How to Ground a Turntable without Ground Wire Turntables, also referred to as record players, are used to play audio recordings. The Planar 1 is the most user-friendly Rega turntable to date. I have had a Rega Planar 3 turntable with RB300 tonearm and Rega Elys cartridge for 9 months. 4 Attachment(s) Problem I have is a very slight wobble (up/down) of the subplatter. MORE: How to build the perfect hi-fi system I feel we are getting onto semantics here, and someone is jumping in the trenches to defend his choice of words Rega is a very decent manufacturer that has done the record industry a tremendous deal of good, not just by it's designs but also by it's attitude. Built-in, defeatable phono preamp has good sound with moving magnet cartridges. Likewise the wobble pairs G/U and A(+)/C form an isosteric subgroup I 2. What I'm trying to figure out is, is it because of the … 2 Mar 2020 I have a recurring problem with my Rega Planar 2. The rega bearing is a deep brass hole into which a steel spindle is inserted, riding on a small steel ballbearing. Steve K. 6 May 2015 transition between wobble AБC(w) mismatch and Watson–Crick-like. Mar 29, 2020 · Current entry level Rega model is P1 or Planar 1 not RP1. Zero tolerance for vertical platter wobble. It is a high performance turntable to consider buying to enjoy all the amazing features it has to offer. See more ideas about my favorite things, object, camera messenger bag. Lyra Kleos, Zu-Denon 103, and Miyajima Zero Mono cartridges. The new Planar 3 takes this design philosophy to the next level. Rega har selv annonceret at RP serien er på vej ud, nu overtaget af ny Planar serie hvor 1, 2 og 3 har set dagens lys - væsentlig forbedret ift RP. The obvious one to consider is the Rega Exact 2, because it will fit the tone arm withou If I adjusted all 3 feet, the whole table would have a bit of looseness and wobble, so the table really appears to be designed to rest fully on the feet. Oracle pioneered the now well established "record clamp" system to solve problems with analogue records. While U-Turn has variations of the Orbit that start at $179, we decided to circle back and write an Rega Planar 1 turntable (white) 4. 146: upgrade path for a Moth Alamo / Rega Planar 2 (4. The platter was made from machined MDF, and it was prone to wobble. Not great -- I could still clearly make out some wobble in the lines, but better than I had expected. rega planar wobble

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